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Muslim Friendly Tour

Once in a lifetime experience – TOA Travel is a class 1 travel agent and an acting member of Japan Association of Travel Agents. We provide fascinating and exclusively unique customized journey for travelers.

By our close relationship with local governments, restaurant owners, hotels and theme parks in Japan, TOA Travel has just initiated “Muslim friendly tour” that visits Tokyo, Mt. Fuji, Kyoto, Nara, Osaka and Beppu.

Under the guidance of a Muslim consultant, this tour guarantees “No Pork, No Alcohol ingredient” throughout all meals during the trip as well as staying at hotels with Qibla equipment. We can also customize the cuisine upon travelers’ requests to minimize their religious concerns. If they really don’t want to eat the served dishes, we can replace them to retort-pouched Malaysia Halal certified meals. That said, participants don’t have to risk themselves to break their religious belief and enjoy trips from their hearts.

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Interests in “Halal” of Japanese companies are increasing, and we can also organize business matching tours for Indonesian companies.

Of course, we promote Indonesian tours for Japanese tourists (Nature, World Heritage, Health and so on)

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