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Domestic and Overseas Travel Plans | TOA TRAVEL.com


Mon.-Fri. 9:00~17:00


Enrich Your Life -- Be a Traveller not a Tourist

Observe, participate and understand Japan through our three core concepts of Study, Taste and Experience.

Be a traveler not a tourist. Travel is more than just stopping by a location to “view the sights”. Participate in lectures, ask questions, interact with the local people, and share common experiences. Become a “junky” for finding out more than just the real and authentic, but the common and true fabric that binds Japanese society by meeting and interacting with local celebrities, artisans and business people.

Japanese cuisine - one of the five great world cuisines. Discover and participate in the rich regional variation and depth of Japanese food culture that has yet to be seen by the non-Japanese world. Enjoy modern Japanese menus whose inspiration and core values come from historic concepts of internal and ecological health and balance.

Experience - the core value of our tours. Enrich your daily life and at a pace that allows you to truly understand the people, food and locations that combine to make Japanese culture. Savor meeting people, learning and interacting at a pace that is both luxurious and relaxed.